Carnivore Pizza “Tre Formaggi”By Britt MalkaNo bread. Only carnivore ingredients. And yet, it tastes like pizza and if you add a fourth cheese, you'll have the classic Pizza Quattro Formaggi. This pizza may end up taking an hour in total to create. For me, it took almost 1 1/2 hours, but it's my first time trying this recipe.
Omelet with Danish Blue CheeseBy Britt MalkaYou can quickly whip this up in the morning and enjoy a delicious and satiating breakfast that is healthy, too. Or, like most carnivore recipes, you can use it as a dinner in the evening.
Delicious & Fluffy Breakfast Cheese PancakesBy Britt MalkaThis breakfast recipe is one of our favorites. I cook 4 servings for two persons, and we have breakfast for two days.It's easy to make it. Just mix all the ingredients and bake on a pancake maker.
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