Carnivore Joy

Yummy & Fluffy Cheese Pancakes

How to Make Your Pancakes

1. Mix all the batter ingredients in a blender.

2. Bake the pancakes around 2 minutes on each side.

After you’ve added the batter to the pancake baker, bubbles will form on the surface after around 2 minutes. That’s when it’s time to flip it to the other side.

3. Serve stacked and warm with a slice of cold butter at the top.

These pancakes are so good that you almost believe they aren’t healthy. But they are. Made of pure carnivore products you can safely eat them, enjoy them and lose weight. This breakfast recipe is one of our favorites. I cook 4 servings for two persons, and we have breakfast for two days.

It’s easy to make it. Just mix all the ingredients and bake on a pancake maker.

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    16 Eggs, Medium
    100 g Goat cheese or Mascarpone
    100 g Butter, unsalted
    4 tsp Himalayan salt
    80 g Butter, unsalted when serving