Carnivore Joy

So… here I am.

The moment I’m writing this, I’m ten weeks into Carnivore Joy–tomorrow.

After nine weeks, I had lost nine kg, but that’s far from the only difference the Carnivore Diet has meant to me.

It’s been a fantastic experience for me and my husband, which is why I NEEDED to share this with the world.

Hi, I’m Britt Malka, and I’m fat.

I wasn’t born that way.

I was a slightly chubby little kid. My uncle made fun of me for wanting to become a ballet dancer when I grew up, but I wasn’t fat.

During my teenage years I was fit. In my twenties, I was fit, but wanted to lose a couple of kg.

When I was 32, I looked like this:

You can see the back of my son in the lower left corner. I don’t know where my baby daughter is at that moment. My mother is probably taking care of her.

So what went wrong?

I did what I could to eat healthy… according to the official sources. I ate a lot of bread (it was at the bottom of the Danish food pyramid), vegetables, had only lean meat, didn’t eat butter, drank red wine.

I stayed away from chocolate, chips, and unhealthy stuff, but yes, I loved whisky. And wine.

And as a writer, my “job” was sedentary.

Over the years, I slowly gained weight. Here I am at the end of 2019, 59 years old, casting a vote:

Do you spot the difference?

And here’s my face, after 9 weeks of eating carnivore:

I still have a looooong way to go, but I think the difference is visible already.

So that’s why I decided to set up this site.

I’m going to share recipes we discover, tools we use (other than the scale that is no longer standing in the corner of shame for lying), tips, and whatever comes to mind after I discover it.

I wanted to start this now, before I forget all the miracles that have already happened.

I wanted to share them with you, hopefully inspire you.

I’m not a medical doctor in spite of one year of university studying medicine, haha. So I won’t be sharing medical advice of my own. But I will direct you, from time to time, to videos or books that have helped me understand why this works.

If you have any comments, please don’t hesitate to write.

I wish you good luck, if you’re joining me in this exciting journey.

Britt Malka

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