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What Happens If You Don’t Eat Cheese?

I love cheese.

During a period in my life when I was studying at the university and still had rent to pay, I was too poor to buy cheese.

It drove me crazy to watch my roommate make fat slices of cheese for her breakfast. My stomach would growl and I so missed having cheese.

Cheese is not something I give up lightly, but a little over a week ago, my husband had a strong reaction to a slice of brie cheese.

I had read in a Facebook group about how many people didn’t support dairy, so we decided to see if we could live without it. And of course that included cheese.

It’s been a week now.

What happened?

Yes, I still miss cheese, especially when I’m cooking, because adding a slice of cheese to the omelet or cream cheese to the scrambled eggs makes the meal taste even better.

I still had restless legs in the evening. Perhaps less than before.

The biggest difference happened when I stood up on the scale. The needle went down, down, down every day.

After one week, I’ve gotten rid of 2.3 kg/5.1 lbs.

So we’re staying cheese free this week as well.

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