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What Happens If You Don’t Eat Cheese On a Carnivore Diet?

Can you eat cheese on a carnivore diet?

You can. But the question is whether or not you should. Hard-core carnivores say no.

Others say you can eat both hard and soft cheese. While others again say only hard cheese.

Can you imagine a world without cheese? Would you stop eating cheese if it helped your health and made it easier to lose weight?

I won’t.

I love cheese.

During a period in my life when I was studying at the university and still had rent to pay, I was too poor to buy cheese.

It drove me crazy to watch my roommate make fat slices of cheese for her breakfast. My stomach would growl and I so missed having cheese. A few times she felt pity for me and gave me a slice, which I gulped down.

Giving Up Cheese

Cheese is not something I give up lightly.

But back in November 2021, my husband (now ex)  had a strong reaction to a slice of brie cheese. I had read in a Facebook group about how many people didn’t support dairy, so we decided to see if we could live without it. And of course that included cheese.

After a week, I checked my results.

What happened?

No cheese. No heavy cream in my coffee… Oh, dear how I missed it.

Especially when I was cooking.

Because adding a slice of cheese to the omelet or cream cheese to the scrambled eggs makes the meal taste even better.

I suffer from restless legs. I’ve done it as far back as I can remember, and it was especially hard during my pregnancies. Would a no-cheese diet help?

I still had restless legs in the evening. Perhaps less than before.

What Did the Scale Say?

A lot of people from said Facebook group reported weight loss.

I’ve found that often, my body has its own will. I don’t react like normal people. Neither does my body.

Just because “they” (this faceless group of Facebook people) could boast weight less, it didn’t mean that I would do the same.

So when I stood up on the scale after one week, I wondered what happened.

The needle went down, down, down…

After one week, I’ve gotten rid of 2.3 kg/5.1 lbs.

We took another week cheese free.

There Is Bad Cheese and Good Cheese

If you’re on a carnivore diet, you should only eat hard cheeses, they say.

I eat both. But yes, I know it’s wrong. The cream cheeses I have even taste a little sweet.

But it’s so good inside a cheese pancake or an omelet.

It’s a trade-off.

What Is “Hard Cheese”?

When I first learned that you should only eat hard cheeses, I thought Parmesan.

That’s hard!

You need a grater or a short and very sharp knife to eat Parmesan.

Sharp and sturdy cheese knives and cutting board

But hard cheese doesn’t need to be as hard as Parmesan. It can be softer. Like Emmenthaler, Cheddar, Gouda or other kinds of cheese you cut with a knife or slicer.

Not cheese you could eat with a spoon like cream cheese or Brie or Camembert.

The hard cheeses contain more fat (which is good) and less sugar. Even though it’s natural sugar, it’s not good for our body.

Back to Cheese

Except for a period where I couldn’t go shopping, I have cheese several times per week now.

Preferably daily. But during that period in October and November 2023, I lost weight when I didn’t have cheese.

It could mean a difference to your health.

For me, the only major thing I noticed was the weight loss. So I don’t have motivation to skip cheese again.

Would you have?

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