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Sturdy Set of Pretty Drink Glasses with a Splash of Color

This sturdy set of pretty drink glasses with a splash of color will bring joy to your day.

Sturdy Set of Pretty Drink Glasses with a Splash of Color

They are robust and because of the heavy bottom, they stand steady on the table. They are not easy to turn over.

The colors make it easy to keep them apart, so each family member can have their own color.

Also, the color is inside the glass. This means that it doesn’t wear off, not even when washed in the dishwasher. And the water in your glass will never get in contact with the color.

If you wash them by hand, they can be a bit tight at the top, but a brush can go through the opening and reach the bottom.

The glasses are dishwasher safe, though, so hopefully this won’t be a problem for you.

Drinking only water while on the carnivore diet can sometimes be a bit boring. These glasses will create a whole new experience. Add some ice cubes and pour sparkling water over them in those glasses, and it will be like enjoying an exotic drink.

sturdy and pretty colorful drink glass

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