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How to Get Rid of Cravings Easily Without Hunger or Pain

How to Get Rid of Cravings

Do you want to know how to get rid of cravings?

It’s possible to do. You can get rid of cravings for food and sugar. And once you learn how to do it, you will be surprised to find out how easy it is.

Cravings exists for a reason. It could be that you’re hungry, thirsty, or that you need sleep. Sometimes you’ll even experience cravings, simply because you’re bored.

The simple solution to get rid of those cravings is to be full, drink lots of water, get enough quality sleep, and avoid being bored.

Simple, right? But perhaps not that easy, if you eat all the time and you’re still hungry. Or you drink ounces of sugar-free drinks, but you’re still thirsty.

And you’re sleepy, but cannot sleep.

Or you wake up several times during the night… for different reasons, like you need to go to the bathroom, or your back hurt, or you simply couldn’t sleep.

And now you’re bored, because you lack the energy to do things that you find interesting.

Been There, Done That, and the T-Shirt Is Now Too Small

First of all, I had all kinds of cravings.

I could eat Nutella with a spoon. I craved Whiskey. Even right after a meal, I was still hungry, no matter what.

And we ate healthy. We got lots of salad, lots of vegetables, only a little meat, we got rye bread, and we more or less did intermittent fasting (my husband likes to eat late, so…).

If I stayed away from Whiskey, I kept my weight and didn’t gain more fat at least.

But that was it. No matter what we tried, and we tried a lot, I still suffered from cravings, I was starving all the time, and I felt more and more bad.

We never used to eat chocolate, except for occasions every month.

But then my husband started to do the shopping at a new supermarket, and they were good at upselling him at the register. “You want these Mars bars?”

So we started to eat chocolate every week, when he did the shopping, and I started to look forward to Wednesday, where we would get chocolate.

We were deep into a new diet, my husband came up with, where we had lots of organic vegetables morning and evening. We only had two meals per day.

Before dinner, he would spend almost an hour in the kitchen, preparing a starter, vegetables with olive oil and vinegar, a main meal, a little meat or fish and lots of vegetables, and then a salad to finish the meal.

I was in pain.

My join hurts, like I was 90 years old. My back hurts. I had restless legs.

I couldn’t fall asleep, and I woke up during the night to go to the bathroom, and then I couldn’t fall asleep again.

Then I saw an article about a woman who had lost weight with a crazy thing called the Carnivore Diet. I’ve never been that hooked on meat, but I intuitively knew I should pay attention to this. I showed the article to my husband, and he was interested, too.

So we investigated the diet before we jumped on board.

Cravings Gone Almost Instantly

We decided to start, and we wrote the shopping list. Meat, eggs, fish, cheese…

We threw out all our spices and most of the non-carnivore food we had. Some of the most expensive ones, we decided to eat, like a gallon of vegetable oil.

My husband went shopping and came back with the items from our list… and five Mars bars. He told me that he hadn’t been able to say no, and that I could give it to my friend.

The first evening, I wasn’t even tempted.

The second evening, we had wine (which is NOT on the carnivore diet list), and I wanted a Mars bar. Screw friend, I wanted chocolate now.

But I didn’t fetch the chocolate.

The next evening, it tempted me again, but less.

When I gave it to my friend after a week, I wasn’t even tempted. And I know that if we haven’t had those chocolates in our house, I wouldn’t have felt cravings at all.

Oh My Gosh – I Was Always Full Instead of Starving

I’ve never before been on a diet where I was always full.

The “secret,” of course, is that you have enough protein and fat to be full. And when you eat fat, and protein, you feel full almost instantly. It doesn’t take 20 minutes to reach your brain, so you stop eating the moment you’re full.

That means that you’re never stuffed. Or hungry.

And when you’re not hungry, you’re less likely to feel sugar or chips cravings.

Since your insulin isn’t spiking, your cells get a rest, and you don’t feel all those pre-diabetic symptoms like having to get up and pee several times every night. You sleep well. And with good sleep comes less cravings.

With good sleep comes also more energy, and you can do the things that interests you.

When you’re no longer bored, you don’t focus on eating all the time, and you don’t experience the same cravings.

Plus, when you eat meat and fat and no sugar, your sugar cravings stop.

Sugar creates addiction. Just as if it was a drug. I hear that it contains the same crystals as some drugs.

I can look at pictures of ice cream and pizza, and I don’t feel the least tempted. I can even write detailed descriptions for my fiction books without craving the food.

Best thing: I’ve stopped drinking Whiskey. We used to have wine once a week for religious reasons. Now we have it once a month.

We also noticed that we naturally drank a lot more water, after we started on the carnivore diet.

So I would say that my cravings would have been gone the day after we started on the carnivore diet, if we hadn’t had Mars bars at home from my husband’s last shopping. I resisted them, but the cravings were there.

But as it was, it took less than a week. Now? No cravings at all.

I can resist everything. Including temptations.


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