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Considering a New Electric Hand Mixer from Braun

Oh wow! They don’t make things they way they used to. It seems that the electric Braun hand mixer I bought only 25 years ago, now is slow. I mean… as good as new, right?

So what should I replace it with?

Right now I’m looking at this powerful much newer model of a 350 Watt Braun MultiMix.

It gets good reviews, but also a few not so stellar which got me worried until I took a closer look at my existing model. I’ll get to those issues in a moment.

Why Consider a Braun MultiMix Hand Mixer?

First, it lasts!

Like I said, the one I have… It’s still running, just slower. And I bought it sometimes around 2000. So it’s easily 20 years old.

Second, it’s not expensive. It’s German engineered, which almost always is a sign of quality.

Third, I already have an extra set of beaters, so if one set should be waiting in the dishwasher, I have the other set.

Speaking of beaters…

Plastic Parts – How Bad Are They?

When you look at the materials this mixer is made of, plastic is mentioned.

I also saw that among the reviews that gave the mixer a low rating, they talked about the plastic parts on the beaters. When I read that, I left the page on Amazon.

Then I went to the kitchen and saw that my beaters also have plastic parts on the top. If they lasted 20+ years, they cannot be all bad, can they?

So I went ahead and ordered.

So three weeks from now, I can tell you more about this mixer.


I received the hand mixer, and it looked awesome.

Sturdy, robust… And I loved the bag for the extra mixers and stuff.

The box hadn’t been treated well, though. But that was not the issue. The problem was that they’d sent me one that only worked with US electricity.

So I had to return it, which I was really sorry to do.


Sturdy Electric Hand Mixer Braun

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