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Considering a New Electric Hand Mixer from Braun

Oh wow! They don’t make things they way they used to. It seems that the electric Braun hand mixer I bought only 25 years ago, now is slow. I mean… as good as new, right?

So what should I replace it with?

Right now I’m looking at this powerful much newer model of a 350 Watt Braun MultiMix.

It gets good reviews, but also a few not so stellar which got me worried until I took a closer look at my existing model. I’ll get to those issues in a moment.

Why Consider a Braun MultiMix Hand Mixer?

First, it lasts!

Like I said, the one I have… It’s still running, just slower. And I bought it sometimes around 2000. So it’s easily 20 years old.

Second, it’s not expensive. It’s German engineered, which almost always is a sign of quality.

Third, I already have an extra set of beaters, so if one set should be waiting in the dishwasher, I have the other set.

Speaking of beaters…

Plastic Parts – How Bad Are They?

When you look at the materials this mixer is made of, plastic is mentioned.

I also saw that among the reviews that gave the mixer a low rating, they talked about the plastic parts on the beaters. When I read that, I left the page on Amazon.

Then I went to the kitchen and saw that my beaters also have plastic parts on the top. If they lasted 20+ years, they cannot be all bad, can they?

So I went ahead and ordered.

So three weeks from now, I can tell you more about this mixer.

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