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Enough! Can You Get Rid of Sugar Cravings?

Sugar: The white powder that probably kills more people than illegal drugs. And which makes you just as addicted. Can you overcome your urge to stuff yourself with sweets? Yes, you can. I’m a living proof of that.

In an email to a friend, I’d talked about how my son gave me new clothes and how my old ones were … really old, because I didn’t go shopping when I was fat.

She replied:

I hate shopping when I’m overweight.

It’s miserable! I have to break my sugar addiction to lose weight. A couple of years ago I cut out all processed sugar and dropped more than 30 pounds in 8 weeks. Felt so much better but it’s so hard to stick with it.

Why Is It So Hard to Stick With It?

I think there are two reasons for that:

1. Non-carnivore food contains natural sugar. There are sugar in fruits, some vegetables (like carrots and peas), in milk, bread (the worst), juice (that’s fruit, I know but people think it’s healthy), probably in other things I’ve forgotten.

2. If you don’t cook everything yourself, you’re eating sugar. It’s not just in pop-soda but in canned peas, frozen food, pizza, yes, even if you go to buy fast food, there’s added sugar to it. Sugar is cheap and addictive. So they add it to make you come back.

It sounds hard to believe, but already a couple of days after I went carnivore, I stopped having cravings.

It’s not like that for everyone. I’ve read many who didn’t get over it quite as fast, and for those I have tips to what they can do further down.

I had cravings the first two days, because my ex had just bought some Mars bars and they lay in the fridge, visible. THAT was tough.

Luckily, I met my friend only two days later and I gave the chocolate to her and also told her I no longer ate bread. (She used to give me bread she got for free at the supermarket).

What Happened to My Cravings?

One of the reasons why I don’t have cravings is that I’m not hungry all the time.

Meat (protein and fat) is so satiating and it lasts for a long time.

I eat eggs, too, and cheese, although… cheese isn’t optimal but I love it. And butter, no sugar in butter. And fish.

So a typical breakfast is either liver pancakes or cheese pancakes or chaffles, or, today, tuna omelet.

Plus, since I was no longer consuming sugar, I got over the addiction, just like you can get over addiction to smoking, drinking, and taking drugs.

(Okay, sugar addiction was easier for me to get over than to stop smoking 34 years ago.)

Intermittent Fasting

Another thing I think helps me is the intermittent fasting I do.

I eat breakfast at 11:30 am.

Then I have dinner 6:30 pm.

That means we’re doing intermittent fasting as well, 16 hours at least. Probably 16.5 hours…

But Carnivore… I Don’t Know…

I know it sounds like an extreme diet, but I don’t feel it being so. I love it. I’m down to 81.5 kg this morning.

That’s 179.7 lbs.

I started at 118.6 kg/261.5 lbs.

I went carnivore for the weight loss…

I had no idea about all the other advantages I would obtain, like no joint pain (I couldn’t turn over in bed), no back pain, nice and soft skin, better sense of smell, never craving, never starving, feeling better, more happy…

We’re even making carnivore pizza now and carnivore sandwich bread, so goodbye to the last temptations ๐Ÿ˜„

I really love this diet and what it has done to me – oh, and my son.

He broke his scale in Ukraine. It said 140 kg, then died.

He’s at 101.2 kg now and looking so good.

(309 lbs to 223 lbs)

My son used to drink several pop sodas during the day, eat a lot of cookies and fruit and other candy.

My ex, too. We’ve all lost weight and feel great.

And none of us has sugar cravings anymore.

Should You Still Have Cravings, Here Are Some Tips

  • Melt unsalted butter in a pan and let it brown. Pour it into an ice-cube container and let it freeze. Then snack on a cube when you feel cravings. It’s like Werther’s Original, but without sugar.
  • Brush your teeth.
  • Mix a 1/2 tsp of salt into water and drink. You could lack salt and think it’s sugar you crave.
  • Take a power nap.

Here’s How to Make Carnivore Candy

  1. Melt butter in a small pot over low temperatur.
  2. Stir while it’s heating.
  3. Let the butter brown.
  4. Pour it into a silicone mold.
  5. Freeze.
  6. Cut.
  7. Eat.

Well, now I need to go make that Carnivore Candy again. ๐Ÿ˜€

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  1. today was my first day tried to be PURE carnivore im not sweetness fandom (even my choice of dessert must be plain) but this whole day tasted salty on my tongue i felt its starting imbalance ๐Ÿ˜… then i bought cow milk BEAR BRAND. its written 100% cow milk without anything else. did i do wrong?

    • Congratulations on your first pure carnivore day. The first days can be tough. Did you prepare mentally before you started?

      Cow milk contains too much sugar (lactose), but it’s better than eating candy or chocolate. I would recommend butter if you feel cravings. Did I post the recipe I found? I’ve forgotten… but basically, it’s just melt butter in a thick pan or pot and keep stirring until it turns brown. Then freeze it in cubes or a silicone form. Very much like eating caramel but less sweet. Some people add cinnamon (which is not carnivore) but if you choose that, then do it AFTER the butter has browned. Otherwise you won’t know when it happens.

  2. I literally staired at the biscuits in the cupboard for like 3min before.. cravings are insane.. I want anything sweet, lemon curd on toast is haunting me lol.. I’m like day 12 carnivore, some days I’m fine, others I really struggle. my brain keeps saying “just have weetabix” but I know that will just trigger me. I’m going to try that candy today, thanks.

    • Congratulations on getting carnivore! ๐Ÿ™‚

      I threw out everything unhealthy except for a few things – like a gallon of vegetable oil (ugh), and two bags of falaffel…

      Because yes, that “just one” you’ll take? it can lead to another and a third… It’s hard to begin with, but as soon as you get over your craving, it’s easier.

      Another thing I would advice you to do is to make sure you’re not hungry here at the beginning. Have enough meat. Boil some eggs so you can take one if you’re really starving. Later, there’s nothing wrong with being hungry between meals (it’s my impression that most carnivore have one or two meals per day only). But here at the beginning, it can make your cravings worse to be hungry.

      Good luck and I would love it if you would let me know how it goes, Ian.

  3. Thank you for this, Joy! Iโ€™m really struggling with cravings! Iโ€™ll try the carnivore candy today!

    • Awesome how was it?

      I’m sorry I didn’t see your comments before. I need to check my blog settings… I should have received emails about it.

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