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You can follow my weight loss here week by week from I started on the carnivore diet.



When we started on the carnivore diet, we threw out most of our stuff like spices and vegetables. But some of it we had a lot of… like 5 liters of vegetable oil. So we agreed to use it first, because it simply represented too much money to throw it out.

That may explain why there were two times at the beginning where I didn’t lose weight.

Otherwise… I can’t wait until the two lines meet in the middle… but like my son reminded me yesterday: It took me 25+ years to gain the weight. I’ve lost a lot of it a lot faster already.

New Images

So we went to the balcony today and took new pictures. Here are two of me. And yes, it was windy out there today.

Resistance Band Workouts

In December 2021, I suddenly felt the urge to move more and strengthen my muscles. I found a cheap resistance band we’d bought a year before and found YouTube videos to follow.

SHORT YouTube videos.

So for 8 or 10 minutes every evening, I worked on my biceps and triceps, back, legs, chest, you name it.

Little by little, I upped my routine to up to 26 minutes. It should have been 30 minutes, but I skipped the three exercises where they are on the floor. First, I wouldn’t know how to get down there and up again, and second, because I don’t have a yoga mat, yet.

Then I found an exercise that combined cardio and resistance bands. I procrastinated for a week before trying it. I was pretty sure I couldn’t do it.


I used the bands, then did some fake rope jumps, then more bands, then skip hops, more bands, and finally run on the spot. Rinse and repeat with new band exercises for 34 minutes and 10 seconds.


My dog, Nefnef, jumped along with me for five minutes or so before she curled down to sleep again.

After this victorious session, I made a short recording of myself flexing at the camera:

Alternative link to video:

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  1. You’re living proof that it never hurts to start small! I did the same thing with an old stationary bike sitting in our spare room unused for years. I started with 20 minutes and only wet about 3 miles on the easiest setting. Now 5 years later, I ride it for an hour every day on a med-high setting and go 12 miles every day, and I get to read while I ride. I’m riding right now while I found you website! Go Joy!!!

    • Well done.

  2. Your journey is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing all of the great tips and tricks 🙂

    • Aw, I’m glad you like it. Thanks for leaving a comment.

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