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Best Steak Knives 2021

Since I’m on the carnivore diet and eat a fair amount of meat, I want the best steak knives I can get in 2021.

But before I went hunting for them, I had to figure out how I would want them to be. This is not necessarily the same as your criteria, and if that’s the case, let me know in the comments what you’re looking for.

We have a set of two steak knives and forks. We got them in a bundle with meat and salt for a Valentine’s dinner. They look cheap, but I wanted them to stay as nice as they could, so I hand-wash them every time we’ve used them.

It’s doable, but I find this task annoying when everything else goes into the dishwasher. So one of my most important criteria for what I would include under “best” is that the knives must be dishwasher safe.

My old set of steak knives

It turns out that this comes at a cost… and I had no idea. I learned by reading dozens of comments and product descriptions that it’s recommended to hand-wash knives. Not because of their pretty wooden handles, which I thought was the reason. But because the chemicals in the dishwasher soap harm the metal. Plus, when knives are put with other silvery in the basket at the bottom of the dishwasher, they rub against each other, and that leaves scrub marks.

I read that if you want to keep your steak knives for a lifetime, then you must hand-wash them.

Still, I will much rather dump them into the machine and then buy a new set every five-ten years. It wouldn’t be a luxury, because the prices aren’t that high. Four out of the five sets I’ve chosen based on my criteria cost less than $25. One of the was less than $40.

Also, I don’t want to spent forever cutting up a steak. I don’t want the knives to go dull fast or tear or mangle the meat.

The blade must not be thin and flimsy.

And since I appreciate a nicely set table, I want the knives to look good. I’m so tired of the ugly cheap-looking ones we have.

Furthermore, it must feel good in my hand and it must prevent my fingers from slipping and cutting myself on the edge.

I found five sets to choose from, and they all have high consumer-ratings (more than 4 stars out of 5).

Here Is My List of the Five Best Steak Knives for 2021

Sharp Steak Knives with Beautiful Black Handles
Sharp Steak Knives with Beautiful Black Handles

There’s nothing I don’t like about the above knives.

When I first set out to find what I would call the best steak knives, I took the time to find five different ones, all with top ratings. But I didn’t pick a winner until seeing them all listed just now.

That, on the other hand, made this one the winner for me without any doubt.

It’s dishwasher safe. Check.

And in my opinion, it’s the most beautiful of all five sets. I love the form and the finish with steel at the end of the handle. It’s elegant, will work both for a casual dinner or a dinner with guests.

You should not use them for a picnic, though, since the black ABS handles may get harmed in the sun.

The blades, made out of German steel, are super-sharp according to customers, they have ergonomic handles, and your fingers get stopped before they reach the sharp edge.

I can definitely see myself slicing through a steak with this knife.

Steak Knife Set with Brown Wooden Style Handles
Steak Knife Set with Brown Wooden Style Handles

My first runner up is this beautiful set of six sharp serrated knives with brown Pakkawood handles.

They have a beautiful shape, sharp blades made out of German steel, and they have ergonomic handles. Of course, they are dishwasher safe.

I love the wooden pattern you see on the handles, although it also made me suspicious on the first place about this being real wood. They are all completely identical.

Nevertheless, a pretty set that will look great on any table.

Stainless Steel Knives with Steel Handles
Stainless Steel Knives with Steel Handles

If you want a steak knife made out of only steel, then this is the best you can get which can also be put in the dishwasher.

It’s beautiful and has ergonomic handles that looks as if they will law well in your hand.

The edge is sharp and serrated, just like a steak knife should be.

The company offers a lifetime guarantee, which is impressive for such a low-cost product.

Stainless Steel and Black ABS Combined in Modern Design
Stainless Steel and Black ABS Combined in Modern Design

This knife set stood out to me with their modern design and the combination of steel and black ABS on the handle.

It’s dishwasher safe, and they are sharp right out of the box.

They have an ergonomic handle that looks as if it lies well in the hand.

The set consists of four knives.

Sturdy Knives with Dark Handles
Sturdy Knives with Dark Handles

This steak knife set is from KitchenAid, which always means good quality.

I’m not stunned by their look, but on the other hand it’s simple and modern, and probably not one you get tired at looking at.

Their serrated blades are made out of German steel.

The description says that the handles are out of stainless steel, but the other looks as if it’s made out of ABS. This is confirmed by at least one customer.


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