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Carnivore Diet On a Budget

Yes, there is a way to do carnivore diet on a budget.

If you should believe all the young and beautiful carnivore diet promoters, then your only option is grass-fed ribeye steaks. That is BS if you’ll excuse my French and the pun. How to do carnivore diet cheap?

By going for cheaper meat and fish and still staying healthy.

What Will a Carnivore Diet On a Budget Mean for Your Health?

Sure, we can all agree that grass-fed steaks are healthier than corn-fed.

And that Omega 3 chicken and eggs are much better for your health. And you’ll avoid inflammation. But prices are high.

If the alternative is cheap pizza or spaghetti?

Then you’re definitely better off eating carnivore. Even if it’s not the highest and best quality. Meat is still healthier than this flour-infected junk.

(Ugh, my joints hurt just thinking about flour.)

A short while ago, a close friend asked me for a shopping list to go carnivore. So I wrote down what we typically buy once a week and what our meals consist of. Then I gave her my version of a carnivore diet meal plan on a budget.

Carnivore Diet Meal Plan – Free

We are two persons in our household, so we buy double what I’ve mentioned here. But to make it easier for you, I will list the diet meal plan and shopping list here for one person. Then you can multiply so it fits your household.


Morning: 250 g ground beef with 3 fried eggs
Evening: 250 g ground lamb with 1 fried egg

Morning: scrambled eggs (4) mixed with 50 g butter and 1/2 tsp salt and one can of cod liver
Evening: chicken liver and hearts fried in butter or fat

Morning: scrambled eggs (4) mixed with 50 g butter and 1/2 can of sardines (save the rest in a Tupperware bowl).
Evening: baked salmon fried in butter

Morning: 250 g ground beef with 3 fried eggs
Evening: 250 g ground beef with 1 fried egg

Morning: 4 fried eggs and 1/2 can of sardines
Evening: steak with a thick slice of butter

Morning: smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (like above) of 4 eggs
Evening: 250 g ground beef and 1 fried egg

Morning: smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (like above) of 4 eggs
Evening: 250 g ground lamb with 1 fried egg

Shopping list:

30 eggs
1 can of cod liver
1 big can of sardines or two small
1 kg ground beef
250 g smoked salmon
500 g ground lamb
250 g salmon
250 g steak – preferably with fat
250 g chicken liver and hearts (ca. 125 g of each)

Once a month: salmon roe instead of cod liver.

You can also buy cod roe (if you can get the real thing, not the canned ones that contain ketchup, starches and sugar)  instead of cod liver for some weeks.

Carnivore Diet Cost?

Where I live, eggs, butter, meat and salmon is expensive.

It wouldn’t help you to tell you how much I pay to be on a carnivore diet. But now that you have the weekly shopping list, it’s fast to do yourself.

I was surprised.

Even though (like I said) most of the ingredients are way more expensive here than elsewhere. Even chicken is more expensive. Then overall, we saved money on our weekly budget.

Much less toilet paper for one thing (haha, sorry).

No sugar cravings, chips and stuff that doesn’t make you saturated but leave you more hungry.

I had expected our weekly shopping to be more expensive. Instead, it turned out to be cheaper.

So if you’re on a budget, and if you care about your health, you should definitely go carnivore.

Carnivore Diet Menu

As you can see, the carnivore diet menu doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you can afford grass-fed beef that’s great. But avoiding toxic vegetables is more important. Ground beef from the supermarket works fine.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Here’s a video by one of my favorite YouTubers, dr. Ken D. Berry:

He lists the following food:

  • bacon
  • ground beef
  • eggs
  • sardines
  • hot dogs/bologna/sausages/spam/
  • liver (beef, lamb, chicken, pork)

And he saves the melted grease from the bacon in a stainless steel container on the kitchen desk. You don’t have to keep it in the refrigerator, because there is no sugar in it that will attract bacteria.

Carnivore Diet Cheap Recipes

Oh my…

Sometimes we splurge. But most of the times, the recipes I create and use are extremely cheap. And yes…

I’ll add them to this blog.

If only I wasn’t so forgetful. I mean, so many times we bite into our food and then I say, “OOOOH PICTURES!”

Too late.

So I decide to snap them next time. But … cough … Next time, I also forget.

Yes, you’re reading the ramblings of a woman who can go to the kitchen to get tea (herb, oops, not carnivore) and water, and come back with tea only.

Not once in a while.

But 99% of the time. So please be patience. I will, eventually, get there.

I hope.


Be Creative

Do you really need a recipe?

Okay. I did. At first, I followed recipes.

But as soon as I felt more confident, I began to experiment.

The ingredients are rather simple, but you can bake, fry, cook, mix, or in other ways make them taste and look differently. Everything is allowed as long as you stick with carnivore ingredients (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, butter) and salt.

I highly recommend that you look at the ingredients you have at hand and ask, “What if?”

“What if I mixed raw egg yolks and whipped cream and froze it? Would it be a good dessert for rare occasions?”

“What if I mixed eggs, cheese and left-over salmon and baked it in cup cake molds?”

You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with. I do. That’s how I rarely eat the same thing twice in one week.

And yes, it’s even possible to be carnivore and be on a budget.




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